Diane Buchwalder

Hong Kong Disney Video Game Land

Themed entertainment, 2014

This assignment entailed choosing an existing park property and developing a new land for it. We chose to develop a video game land for Hong Kong Disney inspired by the properties of Wreck It Ralph and TRON. We focused on the guest as Vanellope's glitch guests, who could easily travel between games because of the special abilities. This also manifested as a visual design element, especially as a visual cue in transitioning from the very different game subsections and styles; Wreck It Ralph as blocky and 8-bit Niceland, Sugar Rush as a high-definition pink wonderland, and the combination Hero's Duty/TRON geometric zone. In order to create further unity for the land, all the cast members would share a uniform modeled after the character Surge Protector from the movie Wreck It Ralph:

I focused mainly on the Hero's Duty/TRON land which featured a special glitch entrance from Toy Story land:

As the darker, edgier, "teen game" zone, this area of the land features a combination interactive-game-drop-tower ride and a TRON End of Line restaurant and mini-show.

In addition, the land would feature a night parade highlighting in particular some of the wonderful designs and potential night effects from the mutated CyBugs. However, the Sugar Rush racers have safely tamed them with further light effects.

The land also features several restaurants and merchandise shops, as well as additional attractions including an interactive Fix It Felix Jr. simulator ride and a Sugar Rush Racers high-speed ride.