Diane Buchwalder

Ka'ena Point Camp

Architecture, 2012

The challenge for this project was to design a camp shelter at Ka'ena Point, the westernmost tip of Oahu, Hawaii. The shelter was to be a permanent installation that required minimal upkeep and was the biannual meeting place of two friends, a farmer and a sailor. Playing on the themes of duality (meeting on each year's two solstices, the land and the sea, etc.) I designed a cast concrete structure featuring separated bunk spaces but a shared cooking and socializing area. The projection also acts as a sundial to mark the occasions of the two friends' meetings. The structure also features natural ventilation, a rain catchment feature, and a fire pit.

Ka'ena hillside

The shelter, dock, and stairs on Ka'ena Point's hillside


Shelter and approaches

View of the shelter from the sea



Shelter exterior with dual stair approaches, fire pit, and water feature


Looking inside

View looking into the shelter with protected bunk areas