Diane Buchwalder

The Lemon Project

Drawing and illustration, 2013

This assignment was a texture study. The challenge was to represent the skin texture of a lemon using only pencils, with the added challnge of the lemons drying out over time.

Lemons - first drawing

The class also explored texture using digital media. The first digital illustration assignment was to paint over the drawing in the style of any chosen artist, and to frame the final work in some manner through text. I chose to mimic the style of Josh "Shag" Agle.

Lemons - first illustration

As a further study, the next challenge was to digitally paint a sphere and cube in a realistic style as if they were textured with lemon skin.

Finally, this challenge was extended to a total of 50 cubes and spheres with our own choice of textures. Some of my choices included wax, velvet, fur, glitter, and a beetle carapace, amongst others.