Diane Buchwalder

Period Scene Rendering - 1920s Bicycle Company Office

Themed entertainment and production design, 2013

This assignment was to measure a historical building's room and design a scene as if it were to be a future film set. The measurements were used to build a digital scale model in SketchUp which was then exported and edited in Photoshop. The scene itself could be any time between 1900 and 1970; I decided to create a sales office for a bicycle company in the early 1920s. In particular I based it around the Davis Sewing Machine Company which later became Huffy Bicycles; as such many of the office paraphernalia is historical advertisements and photos of the company from around that time. The figure, furniture, and other items are all from the period between the construction of the building (1906) to the time of the scene (approximately 1920). Click through for the full size.

1920s office render