Diane Buchwalder


Architecture, 2012

This large-scale architectural project was designed to replace the Tate Modern on its same site in London. Spectrum focused on branding the exhibit spaces as a series of experiences, providing interior and exterior opportunities for display and interactivity. Each of the three structures in this design took on a specific task; one for exhibits, one for arts education, and one for socializing. The design of the structures and the site columns work together to create a sense of unity from seemingly disparate goals, in order to foster an environment of interpersonal connection and learning.

Exterior experience view

Exterior experience view on site


Spectrum project logo

Project logo, derived from an element's emission spectrum



Spectrum site model


Model detail

Model detail of the entrance courtyard of one structure


Spectrum site plan

Spectrum site plan


Site column diagram

Diagram demonstrating a possible interactive installation idea for the system of site columns


Interior structure view

Interior view of one structure's main gallery space


Exterior view

Exterior view on site between the three structures demonstrating the experience of the site columns